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  • Quick-Braze™ Oxy-Fuel Outfits

    Quick-Braze™ Oxy-Fuel Outfits

    The Quickbraze™ oxy-fuel outfits are ideal for appliance repair refrigeration, air conditioning repair as well as many other HVAC projects. The flexible multi-flame tip selection make this torch kit ideal for any number of applications.

    • Kevlar® hoses for added durability and safety
    • Versatile tips for countless applications
    • Produces pin-point heat to minimize the risk of burning the surrounding area
  • Handi-Heet®  &  Silver Smith™ Acetylene-Air Kits

    Handi-Heet® & Silver Smith™ Acetylene-Air Kits

    Handi-Heet® and Silver Smith™ soldering kits provide a fast controlled heat with acetylene and atmospheric air. Tips produce a soft quite flame ideal for soldering, brazing and heating. The Silver Smith™ kit is designed for jewelry soldering and melting operations.

    • No wrench needed, tips are hand tightened and may be rotated 360°
    • Nickel plated brass handle with valve forward design for one handed adjustment